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December 2020

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December 2020

It’s the most wonderful time of the yeaaaarrrrrr…….

It’s finally almost Christmas, and that means… party time ! However due to Covid-19 we are more limited than ever before, so how are you planning to celebrate your Christmas to the max with so many restrictions is the real question ?

Are you celebrating with family and friends or are you celebrating your Christmas away from home because of your job?

In all case scenario on Christmas everyone can use some extra self-care right ?

So last months blogpost was all in the center of preparing you for your best holiday look. So this month we’re going to continue to give you the perfect guidance to create your own GLAM LOOK 2021 proof ! And ohhh!… where having a BIG BIG GIVEAWAY, a limited edition giftbox for Christmas and lots of deals you DON’T want to MISS !

So let’s get going !

How to get the best out of your Holiday look ?

Choose your


lip look here




What’s news ?


It’s giveaway timeeee !!!! As you probably already saw our November blog and in the beginning of this blog post, we have this massive flyer point out all because of this seasons giveaway. I said it before and I am going to say it again…. There is no fun if the holidays went by without getting presents.

We decided to partner up with other Entrepreneurs to raffle up 1 BIG give-away and give 1 Christmas box to one special person. This box is filled with everything you need for the holidays, from our full collection to a fully arranged beauty photoshoot. Sounds crazy right ? I know ! A beauty giftbox this phenomenal can be yours before the holidays…

Want get a change to win ? head over to our social media below, keep an eye on this giveaway and follow all the steps to participate.

*The winner will be announced on December 20.

We partnered up with these 3 amazing beauty entrepreneurs who focus on service and quality. Go check them out as well….

We can’t wait to see if you’re the LUCKY WINNER !

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So last month we talked about how we all deserve to sparkle and shine during the holidays. So with Christmas Eve only 10 days away, you should already need to get your look up and going by now.

I still think you can look the most festive with the colours red, dark red, green, purple, gold or silver and then add some glitters on top. But whatever you place on top, just always make sure your pigments are on high. This will set the tone of your presence on a remarkable way as well.

Good luck 🍀


Can’t find the best purple or glitters for your perfect HOLIDAY LIP COMBO ? Why not mix them yourself ? here are some tricks making our first collection …

Creating the perfect PURPLE

Purple comes in different hues and you can definitely play with this colour as much as you want. If you’re in possession of a red lipstick mix this with a ultramarine blue eyeshadow to make a dark purple. If you want to create a lighter purple you can just simply replace the ultramarine blue eyeshadow with a cobalt blue eyeshadow instead. If you’re not sure which pigmentation you’re going for just add a little bit of everything step by step.

Creating the perfect GLITTERS

Here’s what to do when you can’t find your perfect glitters at the store. Just mix it all up baby…..

No I’m serious ! You can really mix all the glitters together ( of course the shades you love the most ). So go to the store and find you all the shades that you like.

We would highly suggest you to mix red and silver for Christmas and mix purple, gold and gold for New Years Eve. Trust me you will absolutely love it.

Have fun !

Your Monthly Horoscope Colour

SAGITTARIUS Nov 23 – Dec 21

Red and Yellow shades of all colours

Mix in some red and royal blue if you’re feeling like you need an extra burst of energy but avoid black and murky colors, they will completely alter your mood for the worst. At times, white can soothe and relax too. Black, though appealing, does not have a very positive influence so you might want to skip this.

Your Colour Freak Cosmetics colour is: Suga mama

Tip: Wear yellow every Thursday

CAPRICORN Dec 22 – Jan 20

Black and Dark Brown shades of all colours

Capricorns are really attached to colours associated with the earth. You might feel very uncomfortable with bright vibrant colours, because these colours disturb your confidence and communications skills and might even take some of your intelligence, sharpness and mental stability. So you might want to avoid these just in case.

Tip: Wear black every Saturday

Did you know ?

Dark Brown almost always bring the feelings of warmth, comfort and security. This same earthy natural colour evokes a sense of strength and reliability.

Black is a very mysterious colour that stands for power and elegance at the same time. Some people experience feelings like anger and sadness, but still black is yet the most used colour on a daily basis. Humanity sees the colour black as a very popular colour for ”text” as example, cause it’s easier to read.


Valid until December 22th – Bite Silky Matte Lips ( included )

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