Doll Face – Lipgloss & Lipstick


Long lasting glossy and a ultra silky matte that lasts at least up to 6+ hours.

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COLOUR FREAK COSMETICS High Shine Lipgloss and High Quality Smooth Shine Liquid Matte Lipstick.

This has a much richer color and lasts all day and into the night. From our exciting new Colour Explosion Collection.

Choose from Doll Face, Bite, and Suga Mama (nude, dark purple, and dark pink.) You will absolutely love the feeling of these substances.

Whether you apply our high quality Silky Matte Lips with a smooth matte touch that last all day, or our Glossy Lips that are famous because of it’s non-sticky substance that is giving your lips added moisture and hydration you will absolutely love them.

No wonder so many of our customers buy them for parties, weddings, and romantic dinners. They are waterproof and help moisturize with rich Vitamin E.

This is an effective plumper that works well for parties, concerts, events, nights out and any time you want to look your best.

You get a BOSS gloss, attention grabbing look that can’t be matched by lesser store brands and you get a High quality smooth finish matte liquid lipstick.

Fortified with antioxidant and Vitamin E to make your lips softer, younger, and more healthy.

Hydration moisturizer ideal for dry climates, winter, and any time lips are dry.

This is easy to apply and exceptionally easy to remove.



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