Motivational Beauty Mirror

Get That Paper is a beautiful dark pink hand mirror. This beauty mirror fits easily in your handbag or even between your makeup stash. A true motivational mirror that takes minimum space, boost your self confidence and makes you feel phenomenal each and every second of the day.

You simply don’t need anything else !

Get the ultimate package and combine your ‘Get That Paper‘ beauty mirror with our ‘Doll Facelip gloss or lipstick.

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Motivation Beauty Mirror

If you’re looking for a beauty mirror that will fit in your purse and fit’s your mood. Our hand mirror ‘Get that paper‘ is your ultimate summer beauty mirror to shine throughout the entire day.

Why a motivation mirror is essential ?

Bring your beauty mirror to work, a party or the beach this summer. It’s very easy and portable for your purse or make up stash. Whether you need to do your make up on the road or at home, peek and see if you still look flawless, or even correct what need to be corrected in style and confidence.

How to combine my ‘Get that paper’ beauty mirror ?

In practice ‘Get that paper‘ can be combined with every lipstick or lip gloss. But to mix and match we suggest to combine this mirror with Doll Face.

Additional information

Dimensions 9 × 9 × 16 cm

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