Suga mama – Silky Matte Lips

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When we say silky we mean ULTRA SILKY ! Lasts up to at least 8 hours without a second layer.

COLOUR FREAK COSMETICS MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICK with long lasting highly pigmented colors.

Choose from our amazing original colour options like Doll Face, Bite, and Suga Mama (nude, dark purple, and dark pink.)

These go with all your current attire and styles while letting you experiment with daring new ideas.

They are the higher quality lipsticks with a smooth matte finish that last all day and into the night.

You will love them for work, school, and special occasions. These are often used for shows, concerts, formal events, birthdays and a variety of special events.

Whether you want to feel cute, sexy ,beautiful or just special, these formulas got everything you need.

So many women and also teen girls love these colors. No wonder so many of our customers buy them for parties, weddings, and romantic dinners.

Costumers also recommend our products as a great holiday present, birthday gift or even as a special gift for Mother’s Day.

They are waterproof and help moisturize your lips. The Vitamin E is so rich that it helps replenish your lips to look younger and healthier.

These lipsticks are easy to apply and easy to remove.






2 reviews for Suga mama – Silky Matte Lips

  1. Gwendeley

    So IN LOVE with colour!!!!
    Im using this lipgloss for a few months now. And I’m really obsessed by this colour!
    Its long lasting, the colour is really pretty and it looks beautiful.

  2. Marita

    The lipgloss is realy beautiful, it doesn’t crack your lips and it fits every skin colour.

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