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Matte liquid lipstick – Suga Mama – Silky Matte Lips

Colour Freak Cosmetics Suga Mama matte lipstick is specially formulated for sensitive lips. Suga Mama is rich in essential oils, such as vitamin E, nut oils and flower oils that keeps your lips young and healthy throughout the day and night. Colour Freak Cosmetics lipsticks do not contain dry formulas, so that our lipsticks does not crumble or dry out your lips. As a result, our Doll Face matte lipstick contributes to the improvement and prevention of dry and / or flaky lips. In addition to this nourishing formula, Doll Face also has a high pigmentation, exotic pineapple scent, and Doll Face is long lasting up to 6+ hours and also waterproof.

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Colour Freak Cosmetics is a cosmetics brand founded in 2019 that is specialized in sensitive skin, in addition our focus is on high pigmentations and exotic scents. Currently we are known for our high-quality lip collection named Colour Explosion. At Colour Freak Cosmetics the wishes of the consumer, legislation and regulations and quality are the most important thing for us.

Colour Freak Cosmetics Suga Mama matte liquid lipstick is the ultimate lipstick if you suffer from dry lips or if you want to offer your lips the right care. Suga Mama has a very nourishing but not dry formula that moisturizes and cares for the lips. Suga Mama lipstick from Colour Freak Cosmetics already provides full coverage after one application. 

This formula contains Vitamin E, SPF 30 to keep your lips young, and mineral oils that regulate and calm the moisture balance of your lips. Suga Mama matte liquid lipstick ensures that the lips are somewhat closed to the outside air and among other things, and recover excellently with wound healing, flakes and dry lips. Colour Freak Cosmetics anti-aging serum also ensures that your lips remain young and healthy. Because Colour Freak Cosmetics not only stands for care, but also for appearance, Suga Mama matte liquid lipstick from Colour Freak Cosmetics also has a high pigmentation that you will absolutely adore, a delicious pineapple scent, and essential flower and nut oils which leave the lips sufficient nourishment and moisturized. As a result it leaves you with great soft lips and healthy looking lips. Before applying the matte liquid lipstick, we always recommend our consumers to apply a greasy and nourishing lip balm or lip cream in advance for extra protection of your lips. Suga Mama matte liquid lipstick can now be ordered via The delivery time is on average 2-3 working days (excluding holidays). Please be aware that orders abroad have a longer delivery time. Orders are processed within 1-2 days (excluding delivery time). Would you like to know more about Suga Mama matte liquid lipstick? send an e-mail to our customer service, we will be happy to help you with all your questions.

2 reviews for Suga mama – Silky Matte Lips

  1. Gwendeley

    So IN LOVE with colour!!!!
    Im using this lipgloss for a few months now. And I’m really obsessed by this colour!
    Its long lasting, the colour is really pretty and it looks beautiful.

  2. Marita

    The lipgloss is realy beautiful, it doesn’t crack your lips and it fits every skin colour.

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