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January 2021

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January, 2021


I’ve you’re reading this that means you made it trough a very rough year #2020, but most of all you’re probably still healthy, and that alone itself is a accomplishment to celebrate.

We want to thank everybody from our community who has been extremely supportive trough out 2020. Thank you for speaking gracefully about Colour Freak Cosmetics to your friends and family. Thank you for showcasing our products, for liking, sharing and tagging.

I know we’ve said it a lot but.. we really couldn’t do it without you !

We’re soooo excited and ready to experience what 2021 will bring us…..

January we’re focusing on the NEW and nothing but the NEW ! So happy New Year and a Happy New You !


The real question is… what did you do with your OLD makeup from two summers ago ? ughhhh don’t tell me you still have them ?!

As most people probably know makeup has an expire date. So after opening it up and you see the date has already passed by, please DON’T USE that make up sis ! It can irritate your skin or even worse cause skin diseases that you probably won’t see with your eyes.

To try and keep up, every end of the year I deep clean my entire house including interiors, clothes, shoes, and yeassss BABE….. also my makeup.

Below is a list on how to deal with it :

  1. Trow that make up back up side down in your clean sink with a dry towel in it so your NEW makeup won’t get wet.
  2. Make sure you read every single expire date and trow away every makeup product that has expired or is about to expire within 3 months ( I know babe it hurts, but it will hurt more if you’re pretty face won’t get what it deserves ).
  3. Deep clean your makeup storages whether its’ a bag or a box it doesn’t matter, clean it up to the fullest.
  4. After you cleaned your storages you can clean up your left over makeup that hasn’t/ soon will get expired with disinfectant wipes. ( make sure you clean the corners of the products as well, make em look NEW…NEW again )
  5. I then recommend placing it back in the storages as you want it ( Most of the time I redesign the whole space LOL ) but that is up to you of course.
  6. Now take your phone/ laptop and start searching online for NEW makeup that suits your personality/ career for the next Happy New Year !

TRUST ME ! OUT WITH THE OLD AND NEW WITH THE IN WILL BOOST YOUR LOOK EVERY YEAR ! This way you can keep up with the new trends, treat yourself and have a little compassion with your skin.

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I LOVE IT ! I love the colour, the smell and the feeling.

Review from @smdphotography_nl on Bite- Glossy Lips :

I normally do not use lip gloss but this time for the holidays I thought why not ! This Gloss is everything, just exactly right for your lips, not too much nothing less. I really do think it is taking care of my lips as well.


I know we might not go anywhere these days but taking care of yourself and dress up is healthy for our mind, body and soul ! So get out of those sweatpants that you’re wearing everyday cuz it’s cozy… and start dressing up more often in 2021.

It might help if you set your alarm 30 minutes earlier. Before going to bed put down your makeup in advance, so you can give a little extra sparkle to those boring zoom meetings with the office.

Trust me you will feel brand NEW each and every morning !


A great trick that I use before making content is to try the look, and practice a few times in advance. If you’re going for different looks each day, you might want to learn a quick routine since it’s early in the morning.

Use this method for 1 week and see how your NEW good energy absorbs into the universe. Besides that new energy is never wasted right !?

Let us know how your GOOD and NEW energy is loaded on a scale from 0 to 10.

Good luck…..

Wanna know the best colour to boost your ultimate NEW energy MAKEUP look ?

Your Monthly Horoscope Colour

CAPRICORN Dec 22 – Jan 20

Black and Dark Brown shades of all colours

Capricorns are really attached to colours associated with the earth. You might feel very uncomfortable with bright vibrant colours, because these colours disturb your confidence and communications skills and might even take some of your intelligence, sharpness and mental stability. So you might want to avoid these just in case.

Your Colour Freak Cosmetics colour is : Bite

Tip: Wear black every Saturday

AQUARIUS Jan- 21 – Feb 19 ♒

Turquoise and Aquamarine shades of all colours

Aquarians bring knowledge to the world but are rebels at heart. These air signs despise authority and anything that represents conventionality. Free-spirited and eccentric, they can often be identified by their offbeat fashion sensibilities, unusual hobbies, and nonconformist attitude. For any Aquarius born, light blue and purple will prove lucky all through the year 2021. Saturn is your ruling planet.

Your Colour Freak Cosmetics colour is : Bite

Tip: Wear violet or navy blue every Saturday.


Dark Brown has the meaning to represent health, simplicity, friendliness, but Dark Brown can also represent dullness.

Purple is associated with royalty, luxury , independence, creativity and magic.

Thank you for visiting and reading our blog. Please feel free to leave us a comment or a question below.

See you next month !

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